Sunday, February 10, 2013

Daily Snapshot 06-10 Feb13

Articles and Links

PR stunt for the gullible.  Where do you stand?

Biden at it again. I pray Obama doesn't fall ill and leave this guy in charge.

Killing Americans, Constitution be damned.  Making a case, the Justice Departments opinion to rationalize WH policies allowing the murder of American abroad, instead of doing its job and upholding the law.

Chicago Police new policy on responding to citizens in distress, and why every citizen of Chicago should have a gun.

Road rage ignited over Obama bumper sticker

Who in Congress owns guns?  Well, legally anyway, we have heard a lot of Liberals getting in trouble lately for illegal possession.

Piers Morgan is a sensationalist.  I saw the episode on CNN that he used this gun shop for.  His statements were littered with lies, one of which was that an M2, .50 caliber machine gun, was perfectly legal to own and use.  He has no basis in fact, and I think it is criminal that he is considered a "news show."

Supreme Court to review documents.  Crickets from MSM.

Own a gun? Prepare to buy Gun Violence Liability Insurance.

Congressman prefers we not use the term "illegal alien" because these "citizens" are simply "out of status."

WH: Killing Americans Legal and Ethical.  I wonder if libs realize this is just a little bit worse than the death penalty.

Sandy Hook father tells Congress like it is.

Executive Order giving foreign law enforcement immunity on U.S. soil. Linked Here, Here, and Here.

Joe Biden, caught being honest.

Attorney General Eric Holder's historical intent to brainwash our children.

Real reason Obama wants your guns documentary.

10 Headlines that were downplayed this week.  Take a look.

The "Firearms Freedom Act" is spreading quickly.  See here for an up to date shapshot.

The "big three's" take on civil rights.

LA Police: "Sorry we shot you up in blind-rage street justice, we'll get you a new truck."  I hope these women sue the pants off of them.

LA Police shoot second person accidentally while seeking Dorner.

Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast.  He says a lot of wonderful things.  We need doctors in Politics.

Rage Against The Media is hosting a protest against Al Gore and CNN.  This looks like a group I can get behind.


Gun Laws in Washington State: The Good and the Bad


SB 5282 - This is your typical "slippery slope" kind of gun legislation.  Good intent probably, but it could go the wrong direction quickly.

HB 1588 - The uses the term "Universal Background Checks" which when used at the national level, has the understood meaning of "Gun Registry."  Needs to be watched carefully.

HB1012 - Recently pulled by the legislator that created it (Appleton), but expect it to come back in one form or another.  Greatly reduces your right to self defense.  This one is actually scary when considering how it could affect the security in your home.

HB 1703 - A tax on every individual aspect of owning and using firearms.  Would dramatically drive up the cost of being a firearm owner.  Needs active opposition on this site and/or with our public officials NOW.


HOUSE BILL 1371 - Washington State's own Firearms Freedom Act of 2013.  Needs our support.


Citizens of Oak Harbor, Washington, respond to proposed, restrictive, gun laws at a city council.  Click here for the debate and public comment.  Click here for the discussion and vote.  Good to see people standing up to be heard, and good things happening.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bi-Daily Snapshot 04-05Feb13

Articles and Links

UNBELIEVABLE. Justice Department memo discussing the relaxed standards for killing americans abroad.  Where is the liberal outcry caused from hurting people's feelings during interrogation?

Women's Basketball Coach protects students from attacker, with gun.

President warns citizens not to use his picture.  For media only.

Sandy Hook father owns the discussion.
Ron Paul gets slammed.

Audit the Fed.  A cause worth dying for? Some have.

Coalition to protect sheriffs, who are protecting your civil liberties.

Second grader suspended for using imagination.

Jim Carey, I am sorry I ever spent a dime that benefitted you.  Won't make that mistake again.

Gun talks likely to move away from Assault Weapons and on to All Weapons.

Large companies dumping, or focusing on selective conservative, Boy Scouts.

Obama still claiming "weapons of war" have no place on the streets, similar phrase to his debate line where he said "guns designed for the battlefield" have no place in civilians hands.  This is truly a scary idea, as Politicians are lawyers, and they would more than likely go after "military calibers" than certain models.  Show me a popular bullet that wasn't used on the battlefield.

Lawsuite forces Chicago to allow anti-Jihad advertisements on public transit.

Christ Matthews continues to be humongous D-Bag.

Convicted Killer says his college education led him to need to shoot women.

Keep an eye out for Micro Drones with DNA capability.

Another good person with a gun, saving lives.